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TeamConnect invites have been sent, be sure to accept yours!! Uniform link is posted below and active!! FALL 2020 registration is past the deadline but a waitlist is open!! As of 1 Aug (start of new season) no more refunds will be disbursed for Spring 2020 season!! All current information is listed on EGSoccer.org!!
Uniform Order Link
Posted Aug 12, 2020

Notice cut difference above, Black is Boys and White is Girls, both AS size

Simple steps:

1. Click appropriate link below based on team

2. Order uniform based on sizing chart, allow for 2 year growth; input correct unifrom number from TeamConnect

3. Order NLT 26 Aug

South Jersey League: EGSA South Jersey Uniform


EDP League: EDP League - Kingsway Premier Uniform

Posted Aug 8, 2020

NJ is in Phase 4:

>> Full Return To Play/No Training Restrictions

>> No Sharing of Water/Equipment (Ball Permitted)

>> Spectators/Players Remain 6 feet Apart Off the Field

NJYS Covid Links to current play:

NJYS Covid Phase 4 Declaration

NJYS Return to Play Flyer PDF

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2020 NJYS Sanctioned Tournaments (click on link)

Local Tournaments for Spring 2020:

Washington Township Easter Tournament - April 10-11
2020 Voorhees Memorial Day Classic - May 22-24

Congrats to the EGSA teams!
Key Dates for Fall 2020 (click on appropriate group below)
  • Fall 2020 Travel Key Dates

    Posted June 7, 2020

    Teams have been formed. Expect coaches to contact you about your team by 9 August. Be sure to download the TeamConnect App, link found on EGSoccer.org homepage.

    If registering now, you will be placed on a waitlist.  We will contact you if a spot opens up for your player.

    17 Aug - Practices can start, coaches determine actual start date; practice fields, dates and times will be posted at EGSoccer.org

    22 Aug (Sat), 8AM - Field setup day (representative from each team must be there); Thompson Family Park

    23 Aug (Sun), 8am - Field setup day (representative from each team present); may cancel if we get everything accomplished on 22 Aug; Thompson Family Park

    1 Sep (Tue), 7pm - Travel Coaches meeting; Head coach must attend or his/her representative; Thompson Family Park, Back Concession Stand

    12 Sep - SJGSL (girls) League games start (Saturdays)

    13 Sep - SJSL (boys) League games start (Sundays)

    Expect to play the season this Fall.

  • Fall 2020 Rec and Mini-Kicks Dates

    Posted August 1, 2019

    14 Sept - Fall 2020 Rec Training Starts 

    19 Sept - Fall 2020 Mini-Kicks Training Begins

    See Rec Corner (Micros) Tab for more information

Fall 2020 season Update for EGSA, as of 5 Aug and Cancellation/Refund Policy
Posted Aug 5, 2020

Evaluations have been completed.  Team rosters are finalized.  Coaches have rosters and should be contacting you.  Your TeamConnect will be open by 9 August, please accept the invite code, as this is the primary means for your coaches to communicate with you.

We will soon have the uniform webstore link available and open.  Be on the lookout for this new process.  You will need to go to the link and purchase your child's travel uniform via this webstore.  All uniforms will be shipped directly to the address you provide.  Please remember we do a 2 year uniform cycle, so size appriopriately.

Practices will start around 17 August.  Each team and coach determine start date of practices.  We will have an official practice schedule posted by 17 August as well.

The 2020 Spring refund process is officially over.  1 August is the official start of the new season and we must now concentrate our efforts on the upcoming season.  Refund deadline was originally 5 Jun, so everyone has had ample time to request their spring refund (over 3 months).  Please understand this was a very time consuming process and we must now work on getting ready for the spring season.

Pertaining to Fall 2020 season.  If you decide to withdraw your child from playing, and the league plays, you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee.  If the season is cancelled by the league, there will be a refund, minus roughly 20% to cover each player's carding costs, field maintenance costs, league fees, NJYS players insurance and registration transaction fees.  Each category (Travel, Rec, Minis) will be different due to varying costs of each program, but it will be roughly 20%.  If we play more 7 or more games (SJSL) or 4 or more games (EDP), and the league cancels (or state closes things down) due to changes concerning the pandemic - we will consider the season a success and not refund any money.  Prior to that point in the season, things will be prorated based on how many games were played. Any refunds will more than likely be in the form of a check or cash, which will be available for pickup on certain days at Thompson Family Park.  None of this is set in stone, nor do we think there will be cancellations, we just want to be prepared and keep everyone informed as much as possible.

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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
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